An invitation

I love teaching, and I enjoy sharing how I have improved my teaching methods and strategies. This blog is dedicated to sharing my ideas about teaching so that you can develop your own ideas.  I do not claim to be an expert educator or the most adept at teaching Latin and Classics in the 21st Century, but I will offer honest reflections about my own experience and ideas. I will also discuss some ideas about teaching Latin and Classics based on my reading about teaching in order to improve my own pedagogy.

In each post, I will present some background to the idea, the practical aspect of how I implemented (or would implement) the idea, and the pros and cons of the idea.  I will try to be as honest and factual as possible, in order to minimize the anecdotal, speculative, and hopeful nature of this endeavor.

I also invite you to join me in this journey. Please share your reactions to these ideas either in the comments sections or in a private message to me. I would especially love to hear about your similar experiences and successes!  Everyone brings their own great perspectives and personalities with them into the classroom, so I would greatly appreciate the feedback and hearing your insights too!

Please join me as I share my thoughts on Thursdays.

2 thoughts on “An invitation

  1. I have read your blog on the teaching of classical literature and Latin. Mrs Moschella woud be proud of you. You speak of Blooms Taxonomy. There are some excellent ideas in there, but I used to cringe every tie someone brought it up. Long story!
    Excellent advice and insight.


    1. Thank you! Your praise means a lot to me because of your many years as a great teacher. I’m curious about the long story: what has your teaching experience has made you cringe at the mere mention of Bloom’s Taxonomy?


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