Exchanging ideas. Hearing the latest research. Meeting colleagues. Reconnecting with friends. These are some of the things we all look forward to when we attend a conference. They are a great way to energize yourself and get a good look at the state of Classics. Not only are they great for learning more about the ancient world, but they are also great places to learn more about teaching. Colleagues and peers have wrestled with the same questions you might be pondering: how to talk to your class about sensitive topics, like sex and sexuality; how to introduce tricky grammar concepts in clear ways, like the troubles of the new third declension endings; or simply how to keep our students engaged and interested. You may hear about these in panels directly related to teaching, in panels about the topics themselves, or outside of panels.

i know that, today, as I go to the Joint Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America, I am going to keep my ears open for new ideas related to both research and teaching.  Hope to see you there!


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