New Video: Roman & Pompeian Elections

New Video: Roman & Pompeian Elections

When I decided to transition from teaching at the college-level to the high school level, I was excited about changing some publication habits. I no longer need to publish or perish on the job market or in the quest for tenure. I can also try to get my research out there in other ways and on topics that are not super closely tied to my dissertation. And that’s why I’m excited to announce my newest YouTube video: Behind the Comitium: Aulus goes to the Ordo Decurionum, or Roman Electioneering.

I’ve always enjoyed Roman politics and epigraphy; but they can be hard sells for students and the nitty gritty details about city government officials can difficult to present in an engaging way. About two years ago, when I was at a conference, I read [Cicero]’s On Electioneering for fun and it inspired me to write a video, starring my togate puppets, about Roman elections and politics. Naturally, the programmata from Pompeii needed to be included! I am quite proud of the result, and I hope it helps get some students more excited and intrigued by Roman politics and inscriptions.


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