About the blog

Teachers of ancient Greece and Rome, of ancient Greek and Latin face numerous challenges in the twenty-first century.  We share information about an age with limited literacy, no electricity, and loquacious authors to students from an age of gadgets, ubiquitous electricity, and high literacy.  The ideas, culture, and grammar of a two-thousand year old culture can be hard to communicate when few of Cicero or Thucydides’ sentences can fit in a tweet or text message.

Many trends in education pass us by, go unnoticed, or seem ill-suited to Latin and Classics when they are presented in science classrooms, for modern foreign languages, or in an abstract way.  This blog seeks to share one teacher’s continuing journey to become a better teacher: how I improve, how I teach, and how I bridge the gap of millennia.  My posts are based on both/either research and/or on my own experiences.  The posts will be honest and reflexive.  I would love to hear your reactions to these methods, how they could further improve, and how they might inspire you to rethink your own teaching practices.

Suggestions for posts are also welcome.

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