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More games in the classroom

My new job brought a lot of transitions: new school, new students (in new age levels), new city, new social life, and new threats from natural disasters (I am lucky to have survived Irma so well). Now that I am getting more settled in Jacksonville, I want to get back into the blogging habit and … Continue reading More games in the classroom


Who drives your classes?

My recent silence in the blogosphere is a reflection of moving to a new school and attempting to shift my pedagogical mindset.  I will be starting, this fall, at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville, which has a great reputation and many qualities that encourage a great educational experience. It also has several qualities, like easy … Continue reading Who drives your classes?

Rules for Discussion

While researching for my recent post about politics in the classroom, I came across this excellent quotation: "If children become accustomed to discussing their differences in a rational way in the primary years, they are more likely to accept it as normal in their adolescence. Citizenship education helps equip young people to deal with situations … Continue reading Rules for Discussion

New Latin YouTube Video Series!

With a new job and a new semester, I thought it was time to give the blog a new look and let you know about a side project I've been (slowly) working on: a set of YouTube videos about Latin constructions!  Latintutorial is an excellent YouTube channel that helps students study morphology, but I was … Continue reading New Latin YouTube Video Series!

Coding and the Beginning Latin Learner

Recently, I read Chris Bartlo's article about how programming supports math students' abilities to be more precise, receive prompt feedback, accept and normalize the struggle of working, work collaboratively, and be more metacognitive. The article appealed to me because teaching Latin, like teaching math, is about teaching students a skill. One paragraph from the article seemed particularly appealing … Continue reading Coding and the Beginning Latin Learner

Latin, Greek, and English Vocabulary

A recent article in The Times, "Bit-sized Greek and Latin lessons boost reading and maths skills," praised a program in English schools for helping students who are struggling with English and with math improve and catch up to their peers.  The program uses Latin and Greek roots to help students pull apart English words so that … Continue reading Latin, Greek, and English Vocabulary

Transitioning from Textbook Latin to Ancient Latin: Cicero, In Catilinam 1

This semester, I had the pleasure of reading excerpts from Cicero's First Catilinarian Oration with my Intensive Latin class after we had finished going through the grammar in the textbook.  It was a great text to read because there are lots of materials available for it and because it is a great text to review Latin … Continue reading Transitioning from Textbook Latin to Ancient Latin: Cicero, In Catilinam 1