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New Video: Roman & Pompeian Elections

New Video: Roman & Pompeian Elections

When I decided to transition from teaching at the college-level to the high school level, I was excited about changing some publication habits. I no longer need to publish or perish on the job market or in the quest for tenure. I can also try to get my research out there in other ways and … Continue reading New Video: Roman & Pompeian Elections

“Wolf me!”

“Wolf me!”

It is an odd imperative, but it is a surprisingly common one in my Honors Latin 4 class. They are a particularly talkative bunch of Juniors, and it is often hard for me to get one group of students to talk long enough to hear another student. Indeed, I often have had the same conversation … Continue reading “Wolf me!”

Stander Symposium

Today was a little different at the University of Dayton. Instead of regular classes, there was the Stander Symposium, a one-day conference-style day of classes where undergraduate and graduate students present their own research. Admittedly, yesterday, I didn't really know what to expect. Today, I saw posters sharing science research and I spent the afternoon … Continue reading Stander Symposium

NPR: Quiz on myths about learning

NPR put together a cool quiz to test whether your believe myths about how learning works and best teaching/learning practices. Go take it here! I got 6/7. I was tempted by the correct answer on the one I got wrong, and I am tempted to make it a greater part of my courses.


Last week in our World history course, my co-teacher asked our students what they found interesting about their reading on Islam, or about what it made them curious. Many of the students were interested in how it related to our other readings, so we set about considering how to help our students make connections among the various lessons. One … Continue reading Timelines