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Mini-whiteboard morphology “races”

This semester, the other members of my department and I read Irene Konynyk's Foreign Language for Everyone, which sought to share a lot of techniques to help students with learning differences acquire an additional language. Many of the suggestions were great, many required a lot of time to be devoted to each student--she clearly showed that … Continue reading Mini-whiteboard morphology “races”

The homework myth?

This past school year, I cut back on the amount of homework that I was assigning to accommodate some students who were taking more time to do the homework than I anticipated. At the end of the year, I was also realized just how little free time students have at home, given homework, sports, and … Continue reading The homework myth?

Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching

I love that my school is making a push to have a more learner-centered learning experience for our students. As part of this, English and History classes frequently use the Harkness method and the year before I arrived at the school, a group of teachers did a book study of Dr. Maryellen Weimer's Learner-Centered Teaching: Five … Continue reading Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching