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Politics in the Classroom

In the midst of some intense political happenings in Washington, DC, it seems appropriate to ask: how does a teacher responsibly and ethically handle, or remember regarding, politics in the classroom? Here is the fruit of my research: Recognize your own positions. We all develop beliefs in response to our perceptions, feelings, interpretations of the past, … Continue reading Politics in the Classroom


Work-Life Balance. Stress. Being yourself.

After all the stress of exams, everyone is taking a break and teachers are preparing for how to make the winter and spring courses go more smoothly and better.  We also happen to be coming up on New Year's Day with its resolutions and plans to change our lives, and the hope that we keep … Continue reading Work-Life Balance. Stress. Being yourself.

The Courage to Teach

Last week, I was at the XVth International Numismatic Congress. On the way to and from the conference, I finished reading the tenth anniversary edition of Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach. The book has two central theses and they both resonated particularly well with me as I was going to this conference. Theme One: … Continue reading The Courage to Teach