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Latin and the Science of Reading

Over Spring Break, while working around the house, I listened to several episodes of the Educate podcast from American Public Media. Among them were two episodes (20 Dec 2019 and  27 Jan 2020) and an earlier audio documentary about American curricula to teach students how to read English. The episodes focus on how these curricula … Continue reading Latin and the Science of Reading

Latin Battleship

On teacherspayteachers.com, I found a wonderful game: Latin Battleship. In this version, students guessed spaces on the board by conjugating verbs or declining nouns. It's a great, fun way to review forms. The template is blank so you can create reviews for anything you want, but I learned that 4th declension nouns do not work … Continue reading Latin Battleship

Synopses in English and Latin

Synopses in English and Latin

This past school year was pretty busy and I took the beginning of the summer to focus on something other than school for a change. However, with the summer coming to a close, it's time to get back into the swing of things so I thought I'd return to blogging for a change. Today, I … Continue reading Synopses in English and Latin

Lecture worksheets

This semester, as I walked around my classroom, I noticed that students' notes and notebooks were somewhat sparse and disorganized. In fact, they were mainly the paradigm charts.... often without explanation. This disturbed me, but I saw why their notes were this way. Students copied what I wrote on the board (or PowerPoint) or they … Continue reading Lecture worksheets

Who drives your classes?

My recent silence in the blogosphere is a reflection of moving to a new school and attempting to shift my pedagogical mindset.  I will be starting, this fall, at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville, which has a great reputation and many qualities that encourage a great educational experience. It also has several qualities, like easy … Continue reading Who drives your classes?

New Latin YouTube Video Series!

With a new job and a new semester, I thought it was time to give the blog a new look and let you know about a side project I've been (slowly) working on: a set of YouTube videos about Latin constructions!  Latintutorial is an excellent YouTube channel that helps students study morphology, but I was … Continue reading New Latin YouTube Video Series!

Coding and the Beginning Latin Learner

Recently, I read Chris Bartlo's article about how programming supports math students' abilities to be more precise, receive prompt feedback, accept and normalize the struggle of working, work collaboratively, and be more metacognitive. The article appealed to me because teaching Latin, like teaching math, is about teaching students a skill. One paragraph from the article seemed particularly appealing … Continue reading Coding and the Beginning Latin Learner

A taxonomy of Affective Learning

Last week's post focused on Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Learning.  Today's post focuses on Krathwohl's Taxonomy of the Affective Domain which focuses on perceptions, feelings, emotions, and belief systems.  And the emotional side of things cannot simply be ignored, even if many of our learning objectives and course aims focus on the cognitive domain. Unlike … Continue reading A taxonomy of Affective Learning

Latin, Greek, and English Vocabulary

A recent article in The Times, "Bit-sized Greek and Latin lessons boost reading and maths skills," praised a program in English schools for helping students who are struggling with English and with math improve and catch up to their peers.  The program uses Latin and Greek roots to help students pull apart English words so that … Continue reading Latin, Greek, and English Vocabulary