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Geopedia, Pompeii, and Spatial Analysis

There is an excellent German website that combines Bing's maps with wikipedia's articles: http://www.geopedia.de/  Like videos, this is a great tool to take students on a virtual field trip.  For example, in my Roman Archaeology class, I asked students to visit this site at home, explore the excavated area of Pompeii, and answer a few … Continue reading Geopedia, Pompeii, and Spatial Analysis


Red-Green Colorblindness

Note to self: Avoid confusing students with red-green colorblindness. I like to include maps in my PowerPoint presentations so that students know where all the European places are--because even if they know European geography well, we often use seemingly weird-sounding, ancient names for places that might throw students off.  I also like to use Google Earth … Continue reading Red-Green Colorblindness