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Anachronism and site formation processes

Here's a cool blog post from res gerendae that discusses anachronism in a Lego model of Pompeii: https://resgerendae.wordpress.com/2016/10/13/lego-pompeii/


Geopedia, Pompeii, and Spatial Analysis

There is an excellent German website that combines Bing's maps with wikipedia's articles: http://www.geopedia.de/  Like videos, this is a great tool to take students on a virtual field trip.  For example, in my Roman Archaeology class, I asked students to visit this site at home, explore the excavated area of Pompeii, and answer a few … Continue reading Geopedia, Pompeii, and Spatial Analysis

New Feature: Links

I am very thankful for various teaching and Classics resources throughout the internet: websites with collections of images and 3-D reconstructions, websites with collections of ancient texts and translations, or blogs about all things Classics. I've collected many of these resources under the heading Links above.  Enjoy and use them as much as I have! And please … Continue reading New Feature: Links