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Object-based learning

There's something about handling an artifact or experiencing an ancient building during class that really unleashes a student's latent curiosity. In Cincinnati, I loved to use coin replicas from the University of Cincinnati Classics Department's study collection during class or in outreach presentations about ancient coins. Students were more engaged and asked a lot of questions … Continue reading Object-based learning

Videos in classes

This semester, I have been teaching several archaeology courses, and I have definitely appreciated the value and power of showing different videos in class: You get to cover more material in a short time. Whereas I may take 15 minutes to describe something in a lecture, a video can do it conveniently in 5 minutes.  As … Continue reading Videos in classes

New Latin YouTube Video Series!

With a new job and a new semester, I thought it was time to give the blog a new look and let you know about a side project I've been (slowly) working on: a set of YouTube videos about Latin constructions!  Latintutorial is an excellent YouTube channel that helps students study morphology, but I was … Continue reading New Latin YouTube Video Series!