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Some cool teaching articles

Chronicle Vitae: Are you assigning too much reading? Or just too much boring reading? This piece argues we should assign students readings that are fun and easily accessible. A short piece in journals like Smithsonian Magazine are more effective and engaging than a long, jargon-filled academic article, so students are more likely to actually complete the readings. … Continue reading Some cool teaching articles


Time for a pop quiz!

A little while ago, my students' knowledge of morphology was frustrating me, even though we might drill it daily in class. This practice takes time away from practicing how to translate, which is really what they want and need more experience with. So, I decided to inject more uncertainty into my students' lives. I like … Continue reading Time for a pop quiz!

Continuing Reflection on Grading

As I've mentioned before, I really enjoy that our school offers us the opportunity to meet and discuss books about education. Even though I was not able to attend all the meetings this time, our book study for the Fall Semester was Thomas R. Guskey's 2015 book On Your Mark: Challenging the Conventions of Grading and … Continue reading Continuing Reflection on Grading

The transition from college to secondary school, Part 2

At the beginning of the summer, I shared some of my thoughts about my transition from teaching at a college to teaching middle and high school students. These thoughts were primarily pedagogical. Now, I want to share about another important aspect of my transition--something that is very much behind the scenes of teaching--and very much … Continue reading The transition from college to secondary school, Part 2

Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching

I love that my school is making a push to have a more learner-centered learning experience for our students. As part of this, English and History classes frequently use the Harkness method and the year before I arrived at the school, a group of teachers did a book study of Dr. Maryellen Weimer's Learner-Centered Teaching: Five … Continue reading Weimer, Learner-Centered Teaching

Technology and Our Students’s Lives

Earlier this month, I attended the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute's 2018 Leadership Lab in Colorado Springs. It was a great time to learn about leadership education, students' brains, technology, group dynamics, and social and emotional education. One of the things that kept coming up and has profound effects for how we teach and how we … Continue reading Technology and Our Students’s Lives

Towards a more inclusive, safer space in Latin and Classics classes

This past school year, I struggled to include as much about ancient Roman culture and history as I would have liked. When I did include elements of Roman culture, my thoughts were often guided by my earlier reflections about Classics as a field. During the 2016-17 school year, especially as a result of teaching modern … Continue reading Towards a more inclusive, safer space in Latin and Classics classes